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Microwave Guide for spinning rods -- For better line control More casting distance Smoother casting performance Invented buy Doug Hannon
( The Bass professor )
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Bamboo Rods




Here is a Tonkin Bamboo 7'6" 2PC 2 Tip rod Leonard # 39 Taper 3-4 wt    For Sale Contact me for info

~~ Why you should get a ~~ Willie Rod ~~
A Willie Rod is made for the individual that will use the rod. ( a one of a kind ) rod, made one at a time with the performance and quality You want. 
~~ First the most important part,
~~~~    Picking the blank.  I go through many blanks, (  with info you give me  )  and look for the one that meets your needs, of fish, lure weight, length, pieces, etc. 
~~ Check the blank for Straightness, and build according to it as needed.
~~ Handle and seat are then constructed and placed on the blank.
~~ Guides are then chosen as per your wants, and placed on the blank in what is called ~ The Concept System ~ 
~~ Then the rod is Static Tested. 
~~ Guides on a casting rod can be wrapped in a better way, An Acid or Spiral Wrap. As a spinning set up. No twist of the blank, Much better control of the rod. You fight the fish, not the rod. ~ photo below ~
~~ All single foot guides are wrapped with a Forhan Wrap.                                                           
Below -  is the Spiral/Acid Wrap. The line ( casting rod ) goes from the top of the rod to the bottom, as a spinning rod. Very stable casting rod. Easier to fish, no twist ! E-Mail for details

     Below - is a casting guide with yellow thread without ( CP that holds the thread color ) giving it a transparent look


Below - Here is a nice Split grip on a St Croix Ultra Light Spinning rod


Here is a picture on the size of the new - Micro Guides - Sizes down to 3.5 - 2 Better line controll, lighter tip of the rod for better rod Performance.



Here is a 8' 2/2 3-4 wt built for a customer
E-mail for the Taper you would like Guides, thread color  Prices


Handles on three saltwater hercules rods

      Contact Info :  
To get an estimate and talk about your needs and  photos of my work  ~~   Email me at: ~~ ~~ Or call Bill Boettcher Sr at: 201 488 8323 - Address: 7 - F  Cambridge Terrace Hackensack N. J. 07601 - I am in New Jersey - the garden state.
~~ I am with you every step of the build. Though either Walk-in, E-Mails, or the Phone. I send you photo's of what is going to be done, products that will be used. You see and know everything. ~~ Once we agree on price and amount of deposit ~~
 ~~~~  Here are the things I will need to know: 
~~ What type of rod, spin, cast, fly, saltwater, freshwater. 
~~ Painted if you want
~~ How long, and how many pieces. 
~~ How will you fish it, from the shore, on a boat with a holder as trolling,
~~ Lure weight used on the rod
~~ Fish you will be after
~~ Handle ~ how long, materials ~ cork, eva,  Fore-grip, some do not use any, custom work 
~~ Reel Seat, cast, spin, fly, depends on the rod. Custom work.                                                                                    
Thank you for checking me out.  Tight Lines

Below - is a 5 WT cork fly handle with offset bands in the middle. A cork real seat with a feather inserted The possibilities are endless.
       Below - is a feather inlay on a spinning rod


    Below - Here is a Cord handle for a 10' Jersey Surf Rod with Cork Ends. Can be done on any rod or handle.



Here is the - NEW - MicroWave Guide for a spinning rod This guide setup is Proven to controll the PigTails that come off a spinning reel Give longer casts - Smoother casts and better all out performance You will Love them Change you pressent guide set up or have a rod made -- You WILL LOVE IT